IVC Filters

Interior Vena Cava (IVC) filters have been used by physicians to prevent pulmonary embolism in high-risk patients who are contraindicated for anticoagulation therapy.

For some time, IVC filters were used as permanent implants with a high degree of success. However, the introduction of an “optional retrievable” IVC filter over the last few years has changed the medical landscape.

These newer IVC filter types have been very financially successful in the medical industry. By targeting a new population of patients, many medical device companies have tripled their sales to the tune of approximately $300 million per year.

Unfortunately, over 85% of these “retrievable”: IVC filters have never been actually retrieved. This is due to the fact that they were sold to patients as a permanent filter—the retrievable aspect of the IVC filter was only marketed as a “feature.”

As such, thousands of people have been injured by temporary IVC filters. The longer the filter remains implanted, the higher the risk of side effects like fracture, migration, organ damage, blood clots, and death.

Our law firm is currently evaluating IVC filter cases in all 50 states, regardless of whether you have been injured or not. If you or somebody you know was implanted with an IVC filter, you should contact our lawyers immediately for a free case consultation.

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