While the acquisition and disposition of real property can be lucrative, it may also be complex and problematic.  Many risks are potentially involved in the purchase and sale of real estate, such as prior unresolved conveyances, old mortgages, unaddressed liens, building violations, construction defects, property line disputes and zoning issues. Whether you are a first-time residential or commercial buyer/seller, or you already own several investment properties,

you need an experienced real estate attorney to handle the enormity of paperwork, to review the title search, and to ensure you have clear title. At Gabrielli Levitt LLP, we help our clients sort through the details involved and evaluate their real estate decisions.  We review contracts with you and advise you of any pitfalls or issues that require resolution. With an in-depth knowledge of business and real estate in the New York metropolitan area, Gabrielli Levitt LLP help clients make the most of their investments.

Real estate transactions that we commonly handle and/or litigate include


Title Insurance, Title Searches and Title Disputes


Helping you close your real estate deals, from start to finish


Zoning variances, rezoning, zone change & planning disputes

Land sale disputes

Helping settle land disputes and intermediary dispute service


Residential subdivisions

Mortgage foreclosures

Mortgage foreclosures

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Construction litigation

Construction litigation: owners, contractors, developers, and subcontractor claims

Environmental issues

Environmental and land use issues, including preparation of Environmental Impact Statements


Preparation and negotiation of commercial and residential leases


Purchase and sale agreements, including the purchase of a home, condominium, cooperative, commercial business or a franchise